• . First Go To Ip Chicken To Get Your Ip You Will Need It So Your Ip Doesn't Get Banned Again

  • After You Get Your Ip Install To Your Computer

  •  After You Install To Your Computer Go To Your Downloads Folder And Open The Installer Then Follow The Instructions To Fully Install It.
  • Then Go To The Bottom Right Of Your Screen Near The Clock As Shown Below Open It Up

    After You Click The Little Arrow You Will See This Image Click It

    After You Click It This Will Pop Up

  • Next Click The Sliding Bar To Turn The Private Wi-Fi On It Will Look Like This As Shown Below

  • After Getting Your Ip Log Into Your Vps it Should let You In, If It Still Doesn't Let You In Make A Ticket In our Discord.

  •  After You Are Into Your VPS Click The Windows Key On Your Keyboard In The Search Bar Look Up EvlWatcherConsole After You Open It You Will See Something Like Shown Below 

    On The Bottom Right You Will See A Little Bar As Shown Below Paste Your Ip In The Bar On The Bottom And Click The Green Arrow Then You Should See Your Ip Above Like The Other Ones Shown Below

 After You Whitelist Your Ip Disconnect From Your VPS And Go Back To The Bottom Right And Turn Off Warp


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