Step 1: Logging into Your VPS

Begin by accessing your freshly acquired Virtual Private Server (VPS). You should have received login details via email. It's essential to thoroughly check your inbox, including the spam folder, as sometimes important emails might end up there. These login credentials, including your username and password, will grant you access to your VPS.

Step 2: Checking for Windows Updates

Once logged in, the first thing you should do is open the settings of your VPS. This step is crucial as it allows you to check for any pending Windows updates. Keeping your VPS up-to-date ensures that your server operates smoothly and efficiently. By applying the latest updates, you benefit from enhanced security, improved performance, and access to the latest features.

Step 3: Running the "Run Me If You Don't Have Server Files" File

On your VPS desktop, you might find a file named "Run Me If You Don't Have Server Files." Running this file is an important step in setting up your FiveM server. This file likely contains scripts or commands that automate the process of downloading and setting up the necessary server files for your FiveM server. By executing this file, you initiate the foundational steps needed to create your server environment.

Step 4: Following the TXAdmin Setup Steps

After running the aforementioned file, you're likely prompted to follow the TXAdmin setup steps. TXAdmin is a popular web-based control panel for managing FiveM servers. This step involves configuring essential settings for your server through a user-friendly interface. You might be asked to set up server permissions, configure server options, and customize various aspects of your FiveM experience.

Pay careful attention to the instructions provided during the TXAdmin setup process. This might include specifying admin roles, server settings, player limits, and more. TXAdmin simplifies the management of your FiveM server by providing a centralized platform for controlling various server aspects.

In Conclusion

Creating your first FiveM server involves several critical steps. Logging into your VPS, checking for Windows updates, running the provided setup files, and configuring your server through TXAdmin are all integral parts of the process. By carefully following each step, you set a solid foundation for your FiveM server, enabling you to provide an enjoyable and well-maintained gaming environment for your players. Remember, patience and attention to detail during the setup process will contribute to the success of your server.

And of course reach out to us if you need help

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